Continuous Bleaching Ranges

Equipped with Pre – Washers, “Hi-Squeeze” Mangle, a unique design of Impregnator with MAT technology permitting over 100% pick-up with dosing system and automatic controls. Combi-Steamer with Roller Bed Conveyor and tight strand passage. Efficient Washing Units and Dryers. Drive is fully synchronized with tension Control Cells- and AC Frequency Controller.

Working Width : 1200mm-3200mm.
Combi-Steamer Capacity : 900 to 1800 meters.
Tight Strand : 60 to 200 meters


Batch process solutions also supplied.

For more than 40 years SWASTIK has been engaged in manufacturing. Wet processing Equipments. SWASTIK has been always ahead of others in India in designing and manufacturing. Modern and latest equipment, be it a continuous Dyeing plant or a loop steamer or a Rotary Screen printing Machine or a compressive shrinking Range. Therefore it is not a coincidence that in 1978, SWASTIK was the first in India to launch Combi-Steamer, a concept which has now been adopted internationally. The Present open Width Scouring and Bleaching installation offered by SWASTIK can claim considerable economical and technical advantages. The first continuous Bleaching plant with Combi–Steamer has been in operation for over 12 years now.

Main Features

Flexibility carefully engineered Robust construction- standardized components –minimal and controlled cloth tension- optimum attainable absorption of chemicals along with low consumption of chemicals.

SWASTIK offers pre – treatment plant in single of multiple stages and in combination with various units to cater to small production of 30,000 mts/day to full size Range for 1,00,000mts/day production.


SWASTIK Impregnators are designed for M.A.T. and equipped with Wiper Rollers of suitable rubber to obtain 100% or more pick-up (up to 130% )

A vacuum slot is located at the entry of fabrics in impregnator from preceding Hi- squeeze Nip for certain qualities of fabrics.

Fabric from Vacuum Slot / Hi-squeeze Nip passes through the trough with minimum liquor for light interchange dip before being subjected to a spray of chemicals with designed concentration and quantity with the help of a well designed, fully automatic dosing system.

A set of wiper Rollers are provided to enable uniform add on, as may be required.

Universal Combi-Steamer CS-4

The SWASTIK Combi–Steamer is designed keeping in view present day requirements and is a multipurpose reaction chamber for continuous open width preparation range.

The combi-steamer is provided with a steam lock the at entry end and a water seal arrangement at the delivery end. Fabric is fed from the bottom, through the steam – seal, using steam DOME principle. The heavier air sinks downwards, displaced by lighter steam, making the steamer absolutely air free which simultaneously results in lower steam consumption. The air-free atmosphere ensures optimum fabric temperature, which results in chemical reactions at optimum speed. The SWASTIK combi- steamer has exceptionally low steam consumption – steam required to heat up the fabric, and the steam required to heat up the fabric, and the steam required to compensate for the unavoidable heat losses.

A Roller Bed Combi–Steamer – Steamer (With Horizontal and vertical Tight Stands) designed keeping in view present day needs – is a multipurpose reaction chamber for Continuous fabric preparation range for all kinds of fabric.

Tight Strand Passage

Fabric delivered through the wiper rollers is guided to the Combi–Steamer through a steam – lock to maintain air-free atmosphere in the steamer.

A small horizontal run on fight strands, ideally suited for M.A.T. precedes the larger tight strand section.

Tight strand passage is provided with single / double loop threading, depending upon capacity requirements, and can be equipped with multiple (from 2-5 ) sections and having 60 meters – 240 meters holding capacity. Recipe related dwell times, from 1-10 minutes, on tight strands, complete with Tension Control devices acting on Frequency controlled AC Drive of each section are adjustable.

Roller Bed conveyor consisting of positively driven stainless Steel Rollers transports fabric in small loops from one end to the other in absolute Relaxed condition, for pre-determined dwell times varying from 10 to 40 minutes or more, as may be required. Holding capacity varies from a few hundred meters to 1800 meters depending upon the number of sections.

Precise and crease-free fabric delivery through Infra –Red full width sensors (European origin) located at the delivery end of the Combi-Steamer.

Automatic synchronization with precise and minimum tension through out the Combi–Steamer and entire range.

Quick change to “Tight strand passage only” easily achievable.

Ideal Steam Condition with dry saturated steam condition in air – free atmosphere .

A suitable steam conditioning device placed outside near the machine feeds dry saturated steam at atmospheric pressure.

The steam distribution system in Combi–Steamer is, both economically and technologically very important. The SWASTIK Roller Bed Combi-Steamer has no sump. But direct saturated steam is injected which heats faster and consequently has lower down – times. There is no risk of marks caused due to liquor splashing.

The Roof is provided with indirect heating to avoid condensate dropping.


Combi–Steamer outlet is attached to special Stainless Steel Washing System where crease-less fabric coming out from Combi–Steamer passes on to a wash tank through a water seal arrangement without coming in contact with Air, and without losing much heat. This acts as a water lock for steamer and helps wash fabric impurities / effluents efficiently, at almost reaction temperature. This effectively prevents possibility of coagulation of saponified waxes or emulsified impurities.

Number of Washing tanks can be installed depending upon production requirements. For further details of washing compartments please refer our catalogue of Washing Ranges.


SWASTIK Pre – Treatment Ranges can be equipped with various Automatic Controls.

Temperature Controllers in Washing Tanks, and Combi–Steamer.

Level Controller in Impregnator.

PLC / Micro Processor Controlled Full Automation for Dosing chemicals based on fabric

Weight and recipe, complete with storage tanks, mixing tank and re – circulating system, pH indicator of indicating controller for final washing can also be provided.

Steam Conditioning unit Combi–Steamer with Level and Pressure Controller.