Relax Dryers / For Open Width & Tubular Fabrics

Relax Dryers

SWASTIK High Efficiency jet drying relaxing and shrinking machines RELAXAIR are designed for drying and / or shrinking dyed or bleached knitwear and delicate woven fabrics, in Tubular or open width form and made of 100% cotton or synthetics or woolen and its blends.

A large volume of air, circulated with the help of specially positioned well designed jets, with removable nozzles, enables drying of fabrics in between Teflon – Glass Conveyors in the shortest possible time and with an effect, almost similar to Tumbling effect. SWASTIK RELAXAIR, with staggered high velocity jets placed in opposite positions provide near – pulsating movements ensures optimum residual shrinkage with softer, fuller, bulkier handle of fabrics and improved production results with excellent shape stability.

With strong and sturdy modular construction, the RELAXAIR is designed to achieve reproducible overfeed up to 50% and is provided with a pair of Teflon – glass Conveyors, lower fabric Transporting Conveyor and upper Restraining Conveyor. Conveyors are equipped with automatic centering device and mechanical / pneumatic tensioning devices.

On request, the SWASTIK RELAXAIR can also be equipped with a moisture controller acting on the speed of the machine, as well as exhaust air moisture control device Blowers can also be provided with variable speed invertors to achieved desired results. RELAXAIR can be equipped with micro processor based controller to control overfeeds, temperature, moisture and speed during the process.

The SWASTIK RELAXAIR can also be offered with 2-pass and 3-pass Tensionless drying and shrinking system with Three and Four Teflon-Glass conveyors respectively.

RELAXAIR is provided with a conveyor, feeding fabrics or with a fabric stretching device with draw roller for multiple Tubular webs/stands, as may be in the case . Fabric delivery is through conveyor provided with a plaiting mechanism. The hot fabric is cool by means of cooling Device.

SWASTIK RELAXAIR are offered with Steam / Hot Thermic oil / Natural /Gas / LPG / Electrical heating system, dry saturated steam at 7 bar is required.

Open Width Relax Dryers

A Universal Relax Dryer suitable for both open width and tubular fabrics. Machine is equipped with special infeed device, with positively driven scroll Roller, Heavy duty Padder for wetting out followed by second Padder for chemical finishes, A well designed pin frame entry with vertical return pin-chain with special edge guider and positively driven Scroll Rolls, pneumatic pinning device is also incorporated, to obtain uniform GSM control.

The Relax Dryer is provided with a possibility of overfeeding up to 40%, which permits good tumbling effect to allow good shrinkage of fabrics. Relax Dryer is equipped with Teflon Glass Conveyors, Steaming Device, Driven Beaters etc. Dryer could be either Single Pass, Two Pass or Three Pass as may be required. Machine suitable for production from 4 Tons to 20 Tons / day.