Inspection Machines

SWASTIK Fabric Inspection machines are suitable for Woven fabrics of widths from 900 mm to 3.8 m . They are made in four basic constructions :

1) Batch – to – Batch ( Roll to Roll)

2) Loose Fold to Loose Fold

3) Batch to Loose Fold

4) Loose Fold to Small.Big Batch


  • Strong and sturdy MS side frames with necessary cross supports.
  • Laminated top Inspection table with Plexi-glass. Multiple lights are provided underneath the glass and two above the glass.
  • Fabric Feeding from loose Fold or Batch form.
  • Operating controls mounted on right hand side.
  • Fabric can be run in forward / reverse direction instantaneously. Inching arrangement is provided for slow movement of fabric.
  • Machine speed is Infinitely variable from 6 – 35 meters/min.
  • Soft start and instantaneous stoppage of fabric with variable frequency drive.
  • AC variable frequency drive with suitable control panel and Inverter.
  • Digital Measuring Counter meter is provided.

Large Batch to Roll

Fold to Small Batch