RFL Dipping Plants

RFL dipped fabrics are the backbone of high quality rubber products like tyres, conveyor belts, diaphragms, floats etc. For different applications and different fabrics, the lines can be designed as dip – Stretch lines or Stretch – dip lines or a combination of both. For heavier fabrics, the line could be double dip – stretch Line.

Dipping Lines are generally put together using the following individual components.

Unwinder / Let-Off

Fixed dual stations or Turret type unwinders with brakes or AC vector drive for tension control. Closed loop control with load cell feedback provide required tension to process both light and heavy fabrics.



In varying capacities using hydraulic cylinders or variable speed AC motor to meet speed requirements.

Dipping Stations

Low liquor Dip Tanks, sized to minimize dip solution waste and equipped with Hi-Squeeze Rolls to ensure uniform squeeze pressure across the web width.

High-Speed Back-to-Back Double Dipping System

Back to back dipping system can be provided to treat heavier Nylon, and Polyester tire cord fabrics and multiple process specifications suitable for higher speeds over 80 mpm. Squeegee

Adjustable Stainless Steel doctor blades, one on each side of the fabric.

Suction Extractor / De-Webber

Includes a vacuum head on each side of the web fixed on adjustable slides, a primary separator box, a secondary separator, a bag filter and fan. Vacuum pressure is controlled using inverter AC variable speed drives with feedback pressure sensors. Precision machined nozzle slots ensure accurate suction velocity.

Tension Stacks and Cooling Rollers

Perfectly  Matched  machining  and  grinding for  perfect  alignment of rolls, bearings and gears. Each tension stack can  be equipped with an automatic lubrication  system  for  the  gears.  The  number and size of tension   stack   rollers   and   bearing   is   determined   by   load requirements.   Double   shell   cooling   rolls   are   provided   to   cool the  web  after   the  oven  with  the   cooling  water  moving  in  a  spiral between  the  two  walls.  For machines with lower production requirements or for lighter  fabrics  the  cooling  rollers  can  be  combined  with  tensioning  rollers.

Drying & Heat Setting Chambers
A  series  of  vertical  dryers  heated  by direct fired  modulating  gas  burners, supplied  for use with   sulphur   free   Natural   Gas.   Can  be  precisely controlled  to obtain  drying  and  heat setting temperatures within  required tolerance.  The  radial  blowers  circulating  the air  in  the   treatment   chamber are  directly  coupled   to   inverter controlled   AC  motors  to  obtain  the  required  air  velocity.   The  web passage through  the  dryer is vertical and the turning rollers are water cooled.

For  light  belting  and  chaefer  fabrics,  the  line  is  equipped with  a  stenter  to impart weft  wise  stretch  to  the  dipped  fabric  during  the  heat  setting operations.

Edge Trimmer
Several slitting options offered for edge trim, including trim removal. For Chafer Fabrics, an ultrasonic Fabric sealing device can be provided prior to the fabric  slitter.

Turret type or stationary surface windup to match individual process requirements. The precise Surface Winders produce rolls up to 2000 mm diameter and ensures a finished roll with straight edges within a close tolerance.

The machine is equipped with AC inverter drives having Vector control technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and are controlled by a PLC to maintain speed and tension.

Defect free fabric needs constant tension and must be perfectly centered and properly guided throughout its run in the machine. Load cells provide closed loop control for tension. Centering arrangements, web aligners and expanders are provided as required by the process and the fabric.

PLC with an HMI monitors and records process information. Controlling these critical and crucial functions via recipe management, SWASTIK RFL Dipping Lines assure consistent process conditions one lot after another, year after year.

The recipe manager automatically sets speed, temperature, tension, and other variables to simplify operations.

The operator interface (HMI) is an easy-to-use, intuitive graphic colour display.

The PLC stores data for historical trending and can print a quality report on request.

Modem communication can be provided for remote diagnosis.

Tension Stacks and Cooling Rollers

1. DIP – STRETCH WITH VERTICAL DRYER AND STENTER for Chafer and light NN & EP Belting.
2. STRETCH – DIP WITH VERTICAL DRYER for Tyre-Cord Warp sheets
3. DIP – STRETCH WITH VERTICAL DRYER for NN belting fabrics.
4. STRETCH-DIP CUM DIP-STRETCH WITH VERTICAL DRYER for both Warp sheets as well as NN Belting Fabrics.
5. DOUBLE–DIP STRETCH STENTER BASED PLANT for EP Belting made of non Adhesive Activated Yarns.