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Wet Processing &
Finishing Machinery for

Special Purpose Drying Machine & Felt Finishing

SWASTIK Special Purpose Stretching, Drying and Felt Finishing Ranges are ideally suited for Creaseless drying of all kinds of fabrics from poplin to Bottom Weight and are generally equipped with following devices:

Belt Stretcher

Palmer Felt Calendar (Simplex/Duplex). Plaiter and /or big Batching Device.

High Entry

The machine is equipped with a couple of Tension Bars, an adjustable Tension arrangement, guide rollers and efficient guiders. On request, a pneumatically operated 3 Roller centering device can be fixed.


A heavy duty 2 or 3 Bowl Mangle is provided for maintaining uniform moisture and is equipped with necessary S.S.Guide rollers and S.S. Trough. Mangle is driven by 3.5/5kW AC motor with Speed Reducer.


Cylinder pre Dryer-5 S.S.Cylinders are fixed on structure above the mangle.

Bow & Skew Weft corrector

A 2 Roller Bow & 4 Roller Skew Weft corrector is fitted after the cylinders.

Belt Stretcher

Belt stretcher is equipped with suitable fabric in-feed device consisting of either a feeler switch acting on Reversible Coupling or Infra-red Sensors acting on in – feed system , ideally suited for high speed.

Telescopic Rollers support the fabric. Unique design of the Belt stretcher permits stretching of fabrics to required width (say between 5 to 10%) depending upon the quality and weave of fabrics, and Mercerised or unmercerised.

Felt Unit

SWASTIK Special Purpose Drying-cum-Felt Finishing unit has a mirror finished Fabric Drying Drum of 2000 mm-2500mm diameter and can be supplied with full flanged construction or Jacketed construction, as may be required.

Machine is generally equipped with a 2 point A.C. Frequency control drive. On request a 4 point Drive can also be offered with precise Tension Controls at all stages.

Machine is designed for max mechanical speeds up to 60 mtrs/min.

Pneumatically/Electrically operated Felt Centering device for Felt calendar is provided. Manually operated Tension device for felt is also provided .

A suitable electronic device is incorporated to get precise and accurate synchronization of various units.

Control panel houses various control gears, speed indicator, Voltmeter, Ammeter etc.

Technical Data

Mangle Roll Diameters 300 mm
Maximum Pressure 6 Tons
Pre-Dryer Cylinder Diameter 760 mm
Operating Steam Pressure 4.5 bar
Felt Drum Diameter 2000 mm
Operating Steam Pressure 4.5 bar
Power Connected 8 / 10 kW
Roller Width 1200 - 2400 mm
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