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Rotary Printing Machine

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SWASTIK Rotary Screen Printing Machine Roto-Print RSP-8

The Roto Print RSP-8 is a Universal, Reliable, Robust and versatile printing machine with high accuracy and is easy to operate. Easy Screen insertion, easy and fast registration setting, high quality with variable lead setting and equipped with PLC controlled Servo Drive System with Touch -Screen operation ensures high performance with great printing sophistication and accuracy.

Fabric Feeding Device.

Versatile in-feed with a controlled tension batch release arrangement with necessary guide rollers, swivel tension device and a pair of Electro-Magnetic cloth guiders / Mechanical Edge Decurlers. A Heated curred plate is provided for crease free feeding of fabric to the machine.

The design of the printing section provides easy access to the operator for mounting of screen and insertion of squeegee. All Repeat related adjustments like Axial, Diagonal, Longitudinal, Squeegee angle and Squeegee pressure, can be done conveniently while the machine is running. Once adjusted, the repeats are maintained even after a colour change. Necessary Indicators are provided. Zero positioning is provided for the first and subsequent reinsertion to achieve taster repeat registration, thereby considerably reducing printing damage.

rsp-8g with gear box and common drive.

Gear Box type
The can alternatively be supplied with individual Gear Box Drive with Shaft, fully synchronized with the Blanket and equipped with variable frequency controlled system and a PLC provide reproducibility.

Colour feeding units printing paste supply system.

Individual reversible gear pumps are conveniently located for continuous feeding of colour to the screens. An electronic level controller maintains the level of colour in the screen. Leftover colour in the squeegee can be pumped back. The machine can also be equipped with pneumatic pumps on request.

Cleaning Device


A well designed and highly efficient Brushing and Cleaning Device is provided for cleaning the side of the fabric to be printed and efficiently removing loose fibres and threads from that side of the fabric. These are sucked out to a dust collection unit located on one side of the machine. This helps reduce the printing damage considerably.

Glueing System

The normal cotton and synthetic blended fabrics, the Roto – Print RPS-8 is equipped with a standard simple and most economical Glueing System placed at the entry side, below the blanket, for synthetics fabrics, a suitable THERMOPLAST applicator and stripping device are provided. The THERMOPLAST on blanket is revived by electrical heaters fixed in the curved plate. The fabric is also heated over the curved plate fitted with electrical heater. THERMOPLAST heating temperature will depend on the quality of adhesive used.

Printing Head Control


Servo motor on each
printing position.
The highly efficient and flexible Printing Unit is equipped with a Drive to each printing position. This is either through Individual Servo Motors for each printing position or with Gear Boxes driven from a common motor. The Servo Drive and Controller ensures great accuracy and ease of operation with high efficiency – as compared to the Gear transmission system. The high level of automation and control ensure high printing sophistication and perfect synchronization of the printing blanket with screens at all speeds. Servo Motor driven machines for Wider Width fabrics are provided with drive from both sides of the screen to avoid torsion effect on screen.


The Roto-Print RSP-8 is suitable to take up both Galvano-Nicklel as well as Nickel perforated screens. The machine is generally equipped for taking up screens of standard repeats of 640 mm, 820 mm, 914 mm, 1018 mm. For larger repeats, a special printing head is offered.

Blanket Washing

The Blanket Washer mainly consists of polyurethane sponges, spray pipes and scrapers. Water re-circulation system for the main washer is optional and can be used to reduce water consumption.


The Roto-Print RSP-8 is generally equipped with a pneumatic squeezee for printing paste application. It consists of a squeeze holder and a Stainless Steel blade with an inflateable tube. The Roto-Print RSP-8 can also be supplied with magnetic squeegee on a few printing positions. Magnetic Pressure can be adjusted steplessly to control penetration of colour paste as desired.

Dryer – A Closed Circuit Design

The Roto-Print RSP-8 is equipped with highly efficient and study multi chamber Jet Dryer with three active drying passes. The dryer can be heated with Steam / Thermic Oil / Direct Fired Gas Heating System.

The dryer is equipped with a Teflon Coated Conveyor Belt with large openings to carry the fabrics in tensionless condition. Conveyor tensioning and centering system and safely systems are provided. The drying chamber is provided with twin blower directly coupled motors with one blower or top nozzles (2nd and 3rd pass).
A suitable exhaust system is provided which exhausts the contaminated air & fames from either side of the chamber with the outlet located out side the fabrics passage. All motors are Variable Frequency controlled ore efficient use of power.
Repeats 640mm / 819mm / 914m / 1018mm
No. of Colours 6 8 10 12 16
Table Length - D 4120 4120 5785 5785 7440
Printing Width 1280 1620 1850 2200 2400
Space Required - A 2000 2340 2570 2920 3120
- B 4250 4590 4820 5170 5370
- C 3286 3620 3850 4200 4400
Speed 5 to 80 mtr. / min.
No. Of Drying Section 4 6 8    
Length of Druer - E 8000 11600 15200    
Dryer Infeed Width 1040 mm    
Dryer Plaiter Width 2700 mm    

Rotary Screen Engraving Equipments

End-Ring Glueing Device

The end-rings are positioned precisely in the horizontal universal glueing device. The contact surface of the end-ing lies exactly perpendicular to the screen axis. They are fixed with the screen in horizontal position.

An universal device ideal for length of screens and by changing the replaceable holding plates, end-rings of all repeats can be fixed.
Rotary Screen Exposing Machine

This is an unique, efficient and low cost machine for engraving nickel rotary screen. A rubber inflatable tubes, actinic ultraviolet light source and accurate marking device are the main features. The actinic tubes are mounted on a carriage which can be shifted in X and Y axis for easy operation. Use of actinic ultraviolet tubes as light source is highly beneficial.


 Other accessories for rotary screen engraving plant

  • Screen unpacking through.
  • Inspection & retouching stand.
  • Degreasing tank.
  • Softening Tank.
  • Climatising equipment.
  • Hand Coating Device.
  • Auto Coating Machine.
  • Stripping Tank.(Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Miscellaneous Equipments
Other Ancillaries or .

  1. Rotary Screen Washer
  2. Sample Printing table.
  3. Film stem & Repeat exposing machine.
  4. Film copying machine.
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