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Maxi - Jig Electronic

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Maxi Jig Electronic - Model MJE 300 / 800 / 1000 / 1400

Available for all kinds of wet processing treatments like De-sizing, Scouring and Dyeing. Equipped with an adjustable Tension Control Device, the Maxi-Jig Electronic, operates with absolute controlled tension. Available in 1400-1000-800-300 batch diameter capacities.

For more than 40 years SWASTIK has been engaged in manufacturing. Wet processing Equipments. SWASTIK has been always ahead of others in India in designing and manufacturing. Modern and latest equipment, be it a continuous Dyeing plant or a loop steamer or a Rotary Screen printing Machine or a compressive shrinking Range. Therefore it is not a coincidence that in 1978, SWASTIK was the first in India to launch Combi-Steamer, a concept which has now been adopted internationally. The Present open Width Scouring and Bleaching installation offered by SWASTIK can claim considerable economical and technical advantages. The first continuous Bleaching plant with Combi–Steamer has been in operation for over 12 years now.



The pre-set programmed tension remains constant throughout the process. It can be selected for every programme step and remains constant even when reversing, and can be displayed on screen.


The programmed speed remains constant and is independent of the load . Speed for each step can be programmed as desired and displayed on screen.


When the programme demands a stoppage or at the end of the final run, the machine switches to an oscillating movement. Oscillation can be set between 1 to 5 revolutions, always on the bigger batch side.


Bath re-circulation with a stainless steel pump, to obtain uniform dyeing and to improve chemical exchange, can be provided. On request a small chemical addition tank can also be provided.


Dye-stuff and chemical are added as programmed with the help of a dosing system which can be controlled by a PLC.

Maxi-Jig Electronic MJE – 1400 is the most innovated machine for preparation, pre-treatment and dyeing of fabric in open width.

The machine is completely manufactured from Stainless steel and is suitable for all the processes where constant speed and tension of fabric are absolutely required. The Maxi –jig Electronic MJE-1400 is suitable for processing Cotton – Viscose-Silk –wool –Polyester, flax and its blends.

The Maxi-jig Electronic is equipped with individual motors controlled by special frequency controller. Tension is adjustable between 25-250 gms./cm. (linear). Maxi-jig. Electronic is equipped with a PLC /Micro Processor, Re-circulating device and filter and is fully automatic.


Salient Features

1. Completely made of heavy gauge stainless steel quality AISI 316.
2. Water tight panoramic doors, Pneumatically operated.
3. Self supporting structure on Stainless Steel AISI 304 plates.
4. Stainless Steel Draw Rollers of strong construction made of AISI 316 pump.
5. Rocker arm in Stainless Steel with shift regulated by batch diameter.
6. Direct control of Tension through load-cells acting on Torque controlled motors.
7. Trough also suitable for very small capacity for dyeing smaller lots.
8. Speed controlled through PLC/Micro processor up to 180 meters/minutes.
9. Auxiliary tank for bath preparation- on request.
Technical Data
Model MJE 300 MJE 800 MJE 1000 MJE 1400
Roller Diameter 175 mm. 275 mm. 275 mm. 275 / 325 mm.
Roller Face 1500 -3400 mm. 1500-3400 mm 1500-3400 mm 1500-3400 mm
Connected Power 6 / 9.5 / 14 12 / 14 / 17.5 14 / 17.5 / 26 18 / 27
Tension 6 - 40 Kg
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