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Wet Processing &
Finishing Machinery for

Continuous Pad Dyeing


Continuous Pad Dyeing

A versatile pad Batch Dyeing system equipped with dosing pump, necessary storage tanks etc. A two Bowl / Three Bowl pneumatic Mangle and a Big Batching Device suitable for dyeing Cotton – Woven & Knitted Fabrics.

Machine is equipped with our Hi- Squeeze Roller to obtain uniform and better extraction.

Working Width: 1200 – 2800 mm.

Pad Steam Dyeing

Equipped with INFRA-RED PRE-DRYER with moisture indicating controller at the end of Pre – Dryer –Hot flue or Suspension type Dryer, a Developing Ranges with Steaming Device and suitable washer. Working width 1200 – 2800 mm with necessary automatic control instruments. Dyeing and Developing Ranges can be operated independently or in synchronization, and equipped with AC Frequency Control Drive and Tension controls cells wherever required.

Maxi-Jig Electronic

Available for all kinds of wet processing treatments like Desizing, Scouring and Dyeing. Equipped with an adjustable Tension Control Device, the Maxi-Jig Electronic, operates with absolute controlled tension. Available in 1400-1000-750-350 batch diameter capacities.
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